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Great reasons to come to Discover Foundation:

1. You are new to Foundation.
2. You want to know how to get connected.
3. You want to learn a bit more about Foundation and what we value.
4. You want to eat lunch for free.



Our hope is that everyone makes a decision to give their entire life to Jesus. Part of this life movement is baptism. Are you thinking about giving your entire life to Jesus? If so, let's chat!

The easiest way to begin that conversation is to text BEGIN to 678-661-6330.


Join a Group

Our Foundation Groups are all about connection. Connection with other people and connection with the thoughts and hopes of Jesus for our lives. Our next group season will be available for sign up in Fall 2024.


MENTOR a student
in Coweta County

The Coweta County School System, through the in-school nonprofit Elevate Coweta Students, provides opportunities for "at risk" students to get connected with a positive and consistent adult mentor. These students are struggling in 1 of 3 areas: Attendance, Academics or Behavior. Foundation is currently the single largest provider of mentors in Coweta County.


Serving opportunities

At Foundation, we believe this to be a
no-brainer. Jesus himself said that he did not come to be served but to serve others. Let's get our hands dirty and really make a difference on behalf of Jesus in our community.


Ice Cream Truck


Let's start with this–we believe it is okay to trust God before you trust the church with your money. We believe that the resources God has given you, large or small, should be put to work making a difference in the community. At Foundation that is our commitment–every penny is accounted for and leveraged to do good work in the name of Jesus. Click here to start giving.