Your giving really makes difference

When you say yes to give, Foundation gets to say yes on behalf of Jesus. We each bring our part and when added together it becomes significant, and with those funds we do significant things in our community–in the name of Jesus.

How can I give?


Give monthly

When we take a look at what we should be striving for in our giving, one word that comes to mind is consistent.

We have made it easy to set up consistent giving online or through our app.


Give on Sunday

While just over 95% of people give online, we have folks that like to give in a more traditional way. On Sunday mornings there are buckets located at the back of the auditorium, positioned to receive your offering.


Give on Online

95% of folks give online or through the Church Center App which can be found in the App or Google Play Store.

1. Search "Church Center"
2. Download
3. Choose Foundation as your church (look for the triangles) 
4. Setup your account in about 2 minutes.
5. DONE!

People are our destination.