The future 24/7 location of Foundation -
where the adventure begins in search of the most incredible destinations…the lives of people.



Foundation exists to create a "You Belong Here" movement
where people are our destination
and Jesus is in the lead.

First Conceptual Floor PlanFirst Conceptual Floor Plan
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Foundation Values

Why A Building?

From the very beginning, Foundation has existed to create a you belong here movement where people are the destination and Jesus is in the lead– the key part here is how can people be the destination, yet we purchase a building? Foundation began by dropping a pin on a map at the courthouse in Historic Downtown Newnan and drawing a five mile radius - there are 59,125 residents within that five mile radius, 64-73% of which are disconnected from faith. For the last 4 years we have rented space in the heart of that five mile radius - while renting gives us access it falls short of ownership, commitment and permanence. The strategic nature of this particular building allows us to have a permanent stake in the ground at the heart of that 5 mile radius - this building will not become our destination but our basecamp. It's the place where the adventure begins, but make no mistake the adventure will remain outside of those walls... because people will always be our destination.

There are 59,125 residents within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Newnan.

How will the building be a benefit to the community?

The 30 Greenville St Property will benefit the city of Newnan because it will be constructed in such a way that makes it available. A piece of property that is only used for a few hours on a Sunday morning and some office space during the week is not something that benefits the community. However, when you give the community access to utilize the space to meet their needs, the benefit becomes obvious. Be it a place for public schools to hold award ceremonies, principals to conduct staff off site events and trainings, community members to hold not for profit community wellness programs, honestly the list is endless and only has a limit based upon what the ever changing needs are for our community. The DNA of Foundation is to live open handed, this permanent structure will simply fall in line with the existing mission and vision of Foundation.

Is this purchase responsible?

Financial responsibility is an enormous priority for the leadership of Foundation. Each year our budget strategy is not to plan for growth but to be prepared for the opposite. Our budget for each coming year is based upon 90% of the previous years offering.  This approach ensures that if we were to lose a significant portion of our income we would still be able to do ministry. That being said we have grown EVERY SINGLE YEAR of our existence as a church, including 2020, where we saw 12% growth, even in the midst of a pandemic. This has allowed us the margin to say yes to a few unexpected expenses as well as save money for the moment an opportunity such as this presented itself. Because of this responsibility, the ability to purchase the building is well within reach. The total monthly mortgage for basecamp will exceed our current cost for renting office space and the school on Sunday mornings; however, we are confident about the increase for two reasons:

  1. Our cost to rent office space and the school thus far has been lower than we ever anticipated, so we knew that our own space would be an increase and we have been preparing for that.
  2. We are already bringing in enough offering to cover the increase in facilities cost.

In summary, we are in a great position to purchase the property.

Offering Growth

Why should I give towards the basecamp buildout now?

Two words: location & relationships.

When we dropped that pin on the map 4 years ago at the courthouse in Historic Downtown Newnan we never imagined we would have a 24/7 space in the very center of that 5 mile radius. Realestate is incredibly hard to come by in and around the square, especially at the size we would need. Yet one of the good things to come from the pandemic is the availability of a large space in that very location. But honestly, location only matters because of relationships.


     Basecamp will sit just down the street from Ruth Hill Elementary School - a place we have poured thousands of hours of service and care into, the place that gave Foundation the opportunity to become the single largest provider of mentors for at risk students in Coweta County, a place that recognizes belief is the most important milestone.
Basecamp will be just two blocks away from one of our favorite community partners: Bridging the Gap. When it comes to serving the food insecure in our community no one does it better. We are all in when it comes to our partnership to serve those in need in Coweta County. At the end of the day we believe the church should eliminate burdens from people's lives not add to them and our partnership with Bridging the Gap is all about turning that belief into reality.
   Basecamp will be on the same street as the Mad Mexican. Just one of the many locally owned businesses that we partner with to make the downtown area a thriving community. We believe in shopping and eating local, especially when those business owners desire to partner together to make our community Newnan Strong.
Basecamp will sit just up the road from Newnan High School - another public school that we have invested heavily in. Be it mentoring, coaching, fundraisers, the No Hate Newnan Campaign, feeding teachers, helping with graduation, honors night, move the chains on Friday nights, concession stands, half time shows and or any other opportunity give to us we want to always say yes, always be available to serve, always be close enough to be there in just a few minutes when there is a problem we can help solve.
     Basecamp will sit at the very heart of the City of Newnan, a city we are deeply passionate about. Our partnership with Mainstreet Newnan and the Downtown Council has increased EVERY SINGLE YEAR: parades, taste of Newnan, fundraisers, advocacy, Santa on the Square, Santa in the Park, the munchkin masquerade, alleyway remodels, movies in the park, Pumpkins in the Park, and the list could go on and on. We are all in with the City of Newnan to bring value to those who call the city of homes their home.
Bottom line, over the last four years Jesus has led the church into relationships with each organization listed above, but more importantly with people that make those organizations what they are. We like to say people are our destination….Basecamp gives us a starting point in the midst of many incredible destinations.
     While the ability to afford the purchase of Basecamp is well within reach, the cost to turn a bank into a functional gathering space for adults and children would take it a bit farther than what would be responsible. This is why we are raising funds to facilitate the renovation and build out of Basecamp. This will take all of us, each contributing in a way that will inconvenience ourselves for the good of our community and the people that have yet to give their lives to Jesus.

BaseCamp FAQs

When is closing?

We closed on May 14, 2021.

Can we afford this building?

Yes, with the current monthly offering each month, we take in enough to cover the monthly cost without requiring an increase in giving. However, we can’t say the same for the remodel cost - it is this cost we will raise so that we can pay cash for the buildout.

Will this impact the available funds
for community outreach?

Absolutely, not! That is a line in the sand we have drawn and will not cross - we had to be able to have a viable path forward without compromising who we are and what is most important to us. Our community outreach will continue to grow each and every year.

When do we get to start gathering there?

Because it’s a remodel, a conservative estimate is about a 6 month remodel following closing.

Where are we at in the process?

We are currently having asbestos removed.

How many people can we fit, and is there room to grow?

The auditorium will hold 475. So with 2 gatherings, there is plenty of room to grow!

With the historic nature of the building,
is there any asbestos present?

Yes, there is asbestos in the building on both floors. All of the asbestos on the first floor will be completely removed by a professional. The remaining asbestos on the 2nd floor will be undisturbed.

How much of the demolition can be done by volunteers?

Almost all of it – once the asbestos is removed we will be able to demo everything except a specific portion of the vault which will require a professional.

Will the restrooms be upgraded to accommodate more people?

Yes, the restrooms will be brought up to current code exceeding the number of fixtures required for occupancy.

Why are we putting a church next door to two other churches?

Foundation has served in the heart of Downtown for the past 4 years (1 pre-launch/ 3 post launch). Our office is currently only 2 blocks away from Basecamp, and the Newnan High School and Ruth Hill are just down the street. While we have never been right next door, we have always been in the Downtown community.

How will our new building serve the community better?

Anytime you put down the roots of ownership, you are tied even tighter to the community. However, at the end of the day, a building will not make us better at serving; Jesus will.

Where will we park?

There are 216 parking spaces available within the same distance as those available at the highschool. We know we will need about 140 for a normal Sunday gathering. A detailed parking map as well as a parking team will be in place when it is time to open for gatherings.

Will I have to cross the street with my kids?

There are parking options that will require you to cross the street. However, there are also options that will not require a street crossing.

What can I do to help?

There will be several volunteer opportunities to help in the process of transforming this space into Basecamp. On top of volunteer work, click the button below to learn more on how to make a pledge and give towards Basecamp.

Pledge towards Basecamp