We believe mentoring is one of the simplest yet most impactful was to give back to our community. The organization Communities In Schools oversees a mentoring program throughout Coweta County Public Schools that specifically provides care for “at risk” students. A student is considered at risk once they have reached a specific negative threshold in attendance, academics or behavior. Mentoring provides an opportunity for an adult to provide a bit of consistent support as well as an additional perspective for the student to consider.

Foundation is now the single largest source of mentors at a single school (Ruth Hill Elementary) in all of Coweta County. And even still there is need for more.


  • What kind of commitment does it take?

    • 30 minutes during lunch once a week

  • Do I have to know how to do the type of school work they are currently learning?

    • No - this mentorship is strictly relational. No academic knowledge necessary.

  • What if I miss week, am I disqualified?

    • No, life happens. However, we would want to make sure that the student was aware a head of time and not sitting at the lunch table waiting on you.

  • What are the requirements to get started?

    • Step 1 - Attend a 1 hour training session

    • Step 2 - Pass a standard background check

    • Step 3 - Go to central office to take your picture for your mentorship id

  • Do I have to find my own student?

    • No, one of the Communities In Schools representatives will work to match you with an appropriate student.

  • Do I have to wear cool clothes?

    • No, in fact if you don’t normally wear what you would consider to be “cool clothes” it would be really bad if you started just to eat lunch with a student once a week.

  • Why is the church so interested in mentoring kids in the Public School System?

    • Because we believe in helping our community thrive.