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Two GAtherings

Your Easter Sunday will be packed full of all the good things - so we are offering the Easter Sunday Gathering at two different time slots.


Gathering #1 (9:00am)

The first gathering of the day will be unique in that breakfast will be provided before the gathering begins (8:15-9:00). The gathering itself will be the same style and focus as the gathering that follows at 10:45 - this simply allows folks to attend an Easter gathering if they already have Easter lunch plans!


Gathering #2 (10:45am)

The second gathering of the day will be unique in that there are two egg hunts that follow, one for Pre K and another for Elementary (12:15). The gathering itself will be the same style and focus of the gathering that preceded it at 9:00.


Location: Newnan High School

When you arrive at the high school the best place to enter the building will be from LaGrange Street. Flags and signs will mark the path - it will be crystal clear where you should go.


Egg hunt

Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve waited for. Tell your kiddos to bring their “A Game” cause they are going to need it. No holding on to mommy’s leg in this egg hunt - and definitely no crying in egg hunting. Okay, so that is all a lie. However, what is not a lie is that the Foundation Kids Team is committed to making Sunday morning the highlight of your Easter Weekend and this includes the egg hunt!


Allergies? We have you covered - there will be gluten free and peanut free candy bags available for kiddos who prefer them.


There will be two egg hunts on Sunday morning; one for Pre K and one for Elementary. Both will happen at the same time and in close proximity to one another.


Each child is encouraged to bring their own basket. However, if you forget yours - do not worry, we have a few extras!

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  • Is there a difference between the 9 and 10:45 gathering?

    • No difference in the gatherings. However, breakfast from the food truck is only available before the 9 and the egg hunt is only offered after the 10:45

  • What time should I arrive if I am checking in kids for the first time?

    • Easter Weekend will include a bit more traffic than normal - if you arrive 15-20 minutes before the gathering begins you will have PLENTY of time.

  • What if my child has an allergy that could be triggered by candy in the eggs?

    • All of the eggs will be filled with prizes - all of the candy will be given to the kids when they turn in their eggs at the tent following the egg hunt. We will have candy bags available for kids that prefer a gluten free bag as well as a peanut free bag.

  • Is there a cost to breakfast, the gathering or the egg hunt?

    • No - everything on Sunday morning is completely free

  • Yeah, but aren’t you going to pressure us into giving offering?

    • HA! No - we will pass a few offering buckets towards the end of the gathering. A lot of folks give - but that has nothing to do with anything the church can offer anyone - that is about that person’s personal relationship and walk with God.

  • What should I wear?

    • Clothes - definitely clothes. But, if I were going to dress for anything specific it would be the weather.