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The following are great reasons to come to Discover Foundation:

  1. You are new to Foundation
  2. You want to know how to get connected
  3. You want to learn a bit more about Foundation and what we value
  4. You want to eat lunch for free

When is it?

  • The third Sunday of every month @ 12:30

Where is it?

  • The Foundation office just off the square

What is it?

  • An opportunity for Clint (Lead Pastor) & Robin (Kids 1st Director) to get to know you a bit as well as share what Foundation values, opportunities to get plugged in, information about groups, and an opportunity for you to ask questions in a much small and more intentional environment. 


  • Lunch 12:30 - 1:00
  • Discover Foundation 1:00 - 2:00
  • March 18, April 22, May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16,  


  1. Do I need to sign up ahead of time? yes, that would be very beneficial
  2. Can I bring my kids? yes, we have a table with games and coloring sheets if they get bored.
  3. Will I have to answer questions in front of people? No
  4. Are you going to try and embarrass me? No
  5. Are you going to take up another offering? No
  6. Are you going to force me to join something? No
  7. What is for lunch? Pizza...always pizza.