Ruth Hill Book Drive


When: All of May

How: Click on the "Book List" and it will take you to an Amazon Wish List. When you purchase a book or books from the list it will ship them directly to our office.


You are welcome to pick the books up and drop them off at our gatherings on Sunday morning. 

Which Books: Click on the "Book List" and you will see all of the requested books. When you purchase a book it will automatically be removed from the list. 



This summer we are excited to partner with Ruth Hill Elementary School to provide access to books for children in Ruth Hill neighborhoods. Our ice-cream truck will be out and about EVERY Wednesday from June 12th to July 25th in Ruth Hill neighborhoods giving away free ice-cream. However, in addition to free ice-cream we will also have books! The back half of our truck is being transformed into a library on wheels! Each week a child will hav the ability to check out a book and bring it back the next week and exchange it for another. At the end of the summer kids will be able to choose their favorite book to take home and keep. 

This is something the teachers at Ruth Hill started in the summer of 2017. We are excited that they have asked us to partner with them in growing this incredible ministry. God continues to allow us opportunities of influence that are practical and yet significant throughout our community. Please take a moment and send a book or a few to the office to make this happen!